How Depositions with Text-Video Synchronization Help Lawyers

by | Published on Jan 29, 2016 | Deposition Transcription

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Text-Video SynchronizatioVideo depositions are quite popular in courts and very effective for collecting evidence. However, it is often difficult to access relevant portions of a deposition video for use in court. Through video deposition transcription, you can synchronize the transcript with time code for the video to instantly access the relevant portion of the video. With transcript synchronization, lawyers can harness the power of text and video to prepare the case for trial and ensure effective use during the trial stages. Let’s take a detailed look into how text-video synchronization helps lawyers during the trial.

Prepare for Trial Quickly

If you want your expert witness to review the deposition in order to better prepare for trial, you can simply send the witness a video clip with text synchronization. There is no need for yellow highlighting the deposition. It is easy to search the file using keywords (specific sections or line numbers) and the video will appear on the screen with the text. You can thus prepare for the trial better without spending too much time.

Use It during the Trial

It is very important to hold the jury’s attention when presenting your evidence. Instead of reading from the deposition of a witness who can’t appear, you can show the video of the witness synchronized with the text to the jury. By seeing and hearing the testimony, the jury or court can be better involved in the trial. This will also allow instant response time for a judge’s rulings on the deposition testimony.

Validate Testimony

As it is possible to see and hear what was really said during the questioning, the jury or court can assess the demeanor and credibility of the witness and thereby validate the testimony. This could reduce the burden of lawyers in highlighting and explaining the points in the deposition to prove the credibility of the witness.

For a lawyer or law firm, it is a time-consuming and hectic task to edit out the relevant portion in the video deposition, transcribe it properly and sync the text in total harmony with the mannerisms and body language of the deponent. This may affect their daily work and productivity. It is advisable therefore to consider legal transcription services to create the required video transcripts. Many transcription companies offer three-level quality assurance procedure and synchronization with time-stamps.

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