How can Business Transcription Services support the Ecommerce Industry?

by | Published on Jan 10, 2023 | Business Transcription

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Business Transcription Services for Ecommerce Companies

With consumers prioritizing convenience and shopping online, the eCommerce is thriving. According to Shopify, the share of online retail sales is expected to reach 20.8% in 2023, a 2% from 17.8% two years ago. This number is expected to reach 20.8% in 2023, and continue to grow, reaching 23% by 2025. Using the right advertisement techniques is crucial to drive sales, scale your business and stay competitive in this ever-growing market. In addition to attractive ad images, engaging marketing videos with captions and transcripts are essential to catch people’s attention. A business transcription company can help you make your videos more searchable, enhance the user experience, and much more.

Why eCommerce Companies need Business Transcription Services

Adding captions and transcripts to video ads and other content is now easy with web apps and business transcription services. Transcription software automatically converts audio files into closed captions and transcripts in minutes and allows you upload them to your YouTube channel, or post the videos on your ecommerce website. With quality automated transcription software, online you can save time and focus on more critical tasks at hand. Outsourcing the audio to text conversion process to a business transcription specialist will ensure maximum accuracy.

Let’s see why captioning and transcription solutions are important for an eCommerce business:

    • Increase accessibility of video ads: Videos blend visual, narration, music, and/or on-screen captions to tell a story. The 2022 State of Video report highlighted the importance of marketing videos to reach online audiences. Up to 82 of sales and marketing professionals said that video content is more important than ever before, and that they are producing more video content than ever before. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they produced more than 51 videos last year.

However, for marketing videos to be effective, they need to be accessible to all. That’s where closed captions and transcripts come in. Closed captions expand your audience by making the video content accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired communities as well as people with to people with learning disabilities, neurological disorders, and more. By including captions, your ecommerce business can ensure that it engages with these communities. It can also demonstrate your commitment to implementing accessible practices.

  • Boost SEO efforts: Search engine optimization is all about enhancing a website’s overall discoverability. Applying SEO tactics to video will increase brand awareness and site traffic by boosting the visibility of your video marketing content. By providing written content, captioning and transcription allow search engine bots to understand what’s in the video and index it. With a transcript, you can also create an SEO-optimized blog post. All of this can lead to higher ranking for your e-commerce website on results pages.
  • Improve customer engagement: Video ads with captions and transcripts enhance customer engagement. For instance, if you send an educational or explainer video by email to your customers, they will find it easier to follow if it includes written script. However, avoid presenting too much content. If your text has a short, strong focused message, it will catch your audience’s attention and it is more likely that they will remember what they watched. “The attention span of the average consumer is shorter than ever so keep content at or around ten seconds,” says Carlye Morgan, Founder and CEO of Chalonne, a company that creates luxury bands for the Apple Watch (
  • Enhance the user experience: Ecommerce websites need to provide a good user experience to earn higher SERP ranking. Transcription platforms allow people to view an image of a page and to transcribe the text from that page. Business transcription companies can provide accurate captions for videos that are accessible and provide a positive viewing experience for your users. In fact, if the captions are inaccurate, there is a strong possibility that your video will get labeled as spam.
  • Allow people to watch on mute: With closed captions, people can watch your videos on their mobile device in places where audio is not available. Captions will allow them to enjoy media on mute when they are on a noisy setting like a crowded train or restaurant or in a quiet setting like a library or office. Yans Media cited a source which reported that 43% of customers buy something they saw in YouTube ads even despite the fact that 81% of users mute video ads.
  • Support voice search: Voice search is on the rise and expected to become more widely used in the coming years. Optimizing your text content for voice search will make it easier for voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to understand what you’re saying. SEO specialists and content creators can help you create content that resonates with humans and search engines.
  • Achieve a global viewership: Ecommerce businesses can reach a global audience by captioning and subtitling their videos in another language. This will ensure that non-native speakers can understand their videos.

Finding the right business transcription service provider is important. A reliable company can provide affordable transcription and captioning solutions that will make your marketing videos searchable and accessible to drive greater engagement and conversions.

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