How do Audio Transcription Services Help With Video Content Promotion

by | Published on Jan 14, 2020 | Audio Transcription

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Audio Transcription Services Help With Video Content Promotion

Today’s consumers rate online stores highly due to benefits such as the facility to place orders on the web, wide choice of products, access to products not available in brick-and-mortar stores, as well as time saving and convenience. Online content promotion is a very important marketing strategy. Content in the form of videos, podcasts and webinars allow businesses to communicate effectively with existing and potential customers about their goods or services. Audio transcription services can take content promotion to the next level.

Content Promotion to Gain Brand Awareness

A strong promotion strategy is one that informs your audience about your business, earns their interest, helps grow your traffic, and gain results quicker. The first step in setting up your strategy is defining your objectives. Common promotion goals include:

  • to introduce new product to potential/existing customers
  • to draw attention to the features of a revamped product
  • to announce discounts or special offers
  • to build brand image
  • to highlight product quality improvements

Content promotion helps businesses achieve all of these objectives. The right content promotion strategies can establish brand trust and build brand awareness and loyalty, which is crucial to gain more conversions and boost sales. Of the various forms of content used to promote a business, video continues to be the most compelling. Video can be published as video podcasts, interviews, webinars, presentations, tutorials, product reviews, testimonials, and much more. Digital transcription agencies help businesses leverage the benefits of video marketing by making their videos visible on search engines.

Role of Transcription in Content Promotion

Video transcription plays a key role in content promotion:

  • Transcripts paired with a video allow users to view it without disturbing others
  • Video transcripts make the videos accessible to the hearing impaired
  • If the speaker has a strong accent or uses a native language, transcripts make the video content comprehensible
  • Including text along with videos allow search bots to crawl them and determine what they are about
  • Providing a compelling first line with subtitles can draw the audience into the video
  • With a transcript, the audience can understand a long video better or explore a particular section they are interested in
  • Podcast and interviews transcripts can be turned into interesting blog posts, which will help drive more web traffic
  • Creating subtitles with keywords for videos on popular social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest may help businesses rank for these keywords

Video-software company Wistia’s video SEO expert, Phil Nottingham says, “Transcripts act as page copy. “It’s more indexable text that means you can rank for more queries”, he says. He also recommends paying more attention to longer-form videos that are the main focus of a page as they have a greater impact on search engine page rankings (

Video Marketing Statistics 2019

People are watching significantly more video than ever before to engage with their brands. According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey 2019, video continues to be a top marketing tool. The survey reported that video is strongly influencing traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding, and predicts that usage and investment in video marketing are likely to increase further in 2020. Key stats from Wyzowl’s survey:

  • Video marketing usage is rising rapidly among brands and marketers
  • YouTube stands out as the most widely-adopted video channel for marketers, and is also regarded by them as the most successful
  • The average consumer watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day, with around 15% averaging more than three hours
  • Interactive video adoption will also soar from 1 in 5 marketers currently, to almost 1 in 3

These stats mean it is vital for marketers order to focus on getting engagement from videos to stay ahead of the competition. You need to use latest promotion techniques or focus on strategic areas to see returns from investment in video marketing. The key to success is to create personalized content to meet your audience’s specific needs. Digital transcription agencies can help businesses make the most of their video marketing by ensuring accurate and timely keyword-rich SEO-friendly transcripts and captions.

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