How Advertisers Can Benefit From Video Transcription

by | Published on Oct 7, 2014 | Media Transcription

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Video TranscriptionAdvertisers are continuously updating their strategies to stay competitive in the market. They will have to take up new ideas to excel in their industry and to make their presence felt among other market giants. Even though new possibilities with audio and video are used as part of marketing strategies, the impact of power-packed or catchy words is something unique. That is why some advertisers have successfully implemented video transcription to achieve their goals in a better and wiser way.

Video transcripts can be used in different stages of a marketing campaign right from the conception of an idea, to design, script writing, strategizing, and analysis. A number of possibilities can be utilized effectively to make an impact on the marketing base.

  • One of the best ways to analyze competitor data is to get the video transcripts of their ads. By doing so, your marketing team can put up a new plan or make alterations in the already developed strategy to present a tight competition.
  • The creative idea generation sessions could be videotaped and transcribed to capture different ideas and pick the apt ones so that they can be implemented in the best possible way. This is one of the ideal ways to come up with unique online ads and web page content.
  • Direct mail pieces creation is a strategy followed by many advertisers and video transcripts aid them a lot in the design and conceptualization modules. The transcripts of the video recordings of teleconferences, meetings, or client discussions can be analyzed to create ads most efficiently.

Writing scripts for television and radio and drafting taglines to win the attention of the proposed audience form a significant part of advertising. Transcription is useful here as well because marketing personnel can make use of transcription services from the time of drafting the scripts through final delivery. The ad industry can thus benefit immensely from video transcription in all its consulting and marketing efforts.

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