Guidelines for Graduates to Prepare Properly for an Interview

by | Published on Feb 5, 2019 | Interview Transcription

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A job interview for graduates can be overwhelming but it is important for an employer to choose the right candidates. Job interviews can be recorded and transcribed with the help of interview transcription services and these transcripts are useful for employers to clearly understand the graduate’s employability skills and maintain complete information about him/her.


Interviews provide an employment opportunity for graduates and an interview is a platform for candidates to share their opinions, ideas with the employer. It is important for graduates to prepare and perform well in an interview to get the right job. If the preparation is flawed, there is every possibility that the applicant may get rejected.

Career Builder interviewed around 1012 hiring managers and human resources professionals in the private sector to know why fresh graduates did not get hired. According to the survey, the following are the major reasons for botching the interview:

  • 35 percent of managers said that interviewees did not know anything about the company they wanted to work for
  • Cover letters may not be that significant but 31 percent of candidates didn’t get the job because they failed to include one cover letter with resume
  • 37 percent of graduates were rejected because they failed to send an old fashioned thank you note
  • 21 percent found selfies and questionable pictures on social media unfavorable
  • 29 percent of hiring managers expected questions from the candidates
  • 26 percent of hiring managers were not impressed by bad grammar in resumes and in person
  • 26 percent of hiring managers felt that the candidates needed professional references
  • 19 percent of candidates received a “no thank you” note because they checked their phone during the interview.

From the above facts it can be understood that performing well in an interview is not an easy task. Having good interview skills is important to create a good impression and land the job. As a job seeker, you will face tough competition and to survive you should be aware of some interview tips that can get you a job. Here are some best practices for a successful interview:

  • Know the company: Research about the company, their products and services and also about their growth. This will create a good impression and it will also show the time and effort you have taken to gather the information. It reflects the dedication you have towards the job.
  • Build a rapport: Proper communication is essential for any interview, this helps to build a rapport between the interviewer and interviewee. This will enable you to give your answers in a better way, and it helps the interviewer to understand you better.
  • Listen to the interviewer: Take time to listen to the question, understand the question and give the correct answer. Often, candidates misunderstand a question and proceed down one path whereas the interviewer must have meant or asked something else. Therefore, practice listening to the interviewer.
  • Mention what you have done to gain experience: A graduate may have experience in volunteering on projects, part-time work or internships etc. Identify what skills are important to the interviewer and discuss those that match what they are looking for. Also, mention all your skills and accomplishments in the resume that make you different from others.
  • Do not ask about salary or any other benefits: Do not ask anything about the salary or other benefits during the interview. You may ask about it once the offer is made.
  • Send a thank you note: Make sure to send a thank you note once the interview is over. This show how grateful and courteous you are and this will create a positive impression about you.

A legal transcription company assisting legal and other business entities with interview transcription knows how important proper preparation is for graduates looking for a suitable job. The above-mentioned tips should help candidates prepare properly for their interview and be successful.

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