Four Effective Tips to Follow When Writing Your Senior Thesis

by | Published on Dec 22, 2017 | Educational Transcription

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Writing Senior ThesisAcademic research can be intense, and at the same time stimulating and rewarding. Students who utilize university transcription services typically find their workload reduced considerably, and benefit from more organized thesis writing. It helps to save a substantial amount of time and allows working on qualitative research. Academic research needs to be formatted systematically and requires data from various sources to be methodically organized, transcribed and documented. Many schools now require students to do a longer writing project or a senior thesis in their final year. This is a large and independent research project wherein students work closely with an advisor and choose a topic/question to explore before carrying out extensive research on it. While students consider this a great opportunity to move on to a more professional level of work on their favorite topic, thesis writing can be quite challenging.

A senior thesis offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one with the faculty members who guide the development of the thesis. It also helps enhance the skills that are the foundation of future success including creativity, intellectual engagement and the ability to meet challenges. It allows students to research and write on any topic they are passionate about.

When writing their senior thesis, students can follow certain effective tips that will make the challenging thesis-writing process simpler, quicker, and more efficient.

  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about: A senior thesis is a project where students are given complete freedom to write about any topic they like. It allows students to broaden their minds and think beyond their academic horizon. Writing a senior thesis allows students to turn an imaginary world into something solid that can be read, understood and challenged by their peer groups or tutors. So, it is important to choose a good topic that you are interested in because only then will the content reflect your passion for the topic. If the topic is not interesting, it could be very difficult to spend long hours on it. When choosing a topic, you can always consider elaborating on something you may have already written. This will make the process of writing simpler and more efficient. Make sure that you consult with your adviser before finalizing a topic.
  • Stick to a schedule: Writing a senior thesis is not an easy task. It is important to decide on a schedule or a weekly check list, and stick to it. Creating a schedule and following it helps you to get rid of the tendency to postpone things, and complete the thesis within the time limit. Highlighting when the initial topic should be turned in, when the first draft should be submitted, and when the final draft is due helps to visualize when the short- and long-term goals you may have set for yourself are coming closer. Setting goals for each day like writing four or five pages is an ideal goal. No matter how high or low your goal is, it is important to achieve it. With each goal that you accomplish, you get one step closer to completing your senior thesis.
  • Writing Senior ThesisConsider getting support: Finding a friend or other external support to assist you throughout the semester will be helpful. A reliable friend can help you find various sources and critique your work, and also keep you grounded during stressful times. Any assistance will also enable you to keep to the deadline, and motivate you. Writing centres, peer groups, editors and library research assistants are usually willing to help students draft their thesis. Besides, they may also help students find additional outside sources if necessary.
  • Look for new research possibilities: In the course of your research, you may find that diverse research possibilities have developed with regard to your chosen topic. Therefore, the question you asked at the beginning of the semester should not be the end of your research. Consider more possibilities of your project and this will allow you to visualize your thesis from a different and more pertinent angle.

When writing your senior thesis, choose an adviser who is well-versed in the field. It is best to choose someone you like and whose classes you may have already attended. This will help establish a good rapport from the very beginning. When you are about to complete your project, evaluate your work and consider what original contribution it makes in its niche. You need to understand your position among other players in the field, and this is something you will have to communicate in your thesis and its defense. As providers of academic transcription, we understand that at many schools the capstone senior thesis project is capped by an oral exam that may be about two to three hours duration. In such exams, a committee of three or four faculty members asks the student questions regarding what he/she has written about. Students must ensure that they know what is going to be expected of them at the oral exam, and take the time to prepare for it.

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