Five Effective Tips to Transcribe a Podcast Accurately

by | Published on May 7, 2021 | Podcast Transcription

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There are different ways to enjoy any information and everyone has different preferences. Out of the different types of content, audio content is convenient and easy to absorb for many individuals. However, some may prefer video/audio and some prefer text format. So, the best solution is to have a podcast and its transcription too. Podcasts have become the hottest marketing tools over the past few years. These are self-contained online presentations that can be used to educate and spread information to a wide audience. With the support of reliable podcast transcription services, podcasts can be transcribed accurately. Podcast transcript is a textual version of the podcast episode that makes it easy for people to find valuable content. It helps business owners make their voice heard, and build relationships with customers.

According to Edison Research, 144 million Americans are podcast listeners. It is a source of entertainment, news, and inspiration that listeners enjoy. To make the content of the podcast accessible to everyone, these podcasts can be converted into transcripts. Podcast transcripts are the text version of the podcast episode. It includes each and every word spoken by the speaker. Podcast transcripts can either be generated using automated software or transcribed manually with the help of a professional transcriptionist. It is always best to include a transcript of your podcast along with each episode on the same web page, so that your podcast episodes are accessible to everyone.

Even though automated transcripts save time and effort, these are prone to errors. But transcribing a podcast with the help of a professional transcriptionist ensures accuracy. Transcribing podcasts is not an easy task, it requires keen listening skills, ability to identify different slangs and dialects, basic knowledge of English and Grammar etc. Following are some useful tips to ensure accurate podcast transcription.

Tips to Transcribe Podcasts

  • Good Quality Equipment: Using good quality equipment like noise cancelling headphones, and a fast computer with good word processing software is important because it allows the transcriptionist to hear the audio better and also improves both speed and quality of the transcript. You can also use a foot pedal because it makes rewinding and playing the audio a lot easier while transcribing.
  • Use a Comfortable Chair: Transcriptionists spend several hours sitting in front of a computer or laptop. Podcasts are typically long compared to physicians’ dictations. So, to efficiently transcribe podcasts and produce quality transcripts, it is important to provide a comfortable chair for the transcriptionist that conforms to the natural shape and contour of the body. This prevents the transcriptionist from getting backpain, or fatigued quickly.
  • Check the Audio Quality: The quality of the transcript depends upon the quality of the audio of the podcast. Sometimes the audio may be muffled or scrambled and this leads to inaccurate transcripts. So, it is important to check on the audio quality of the podcast before beginning to transcribe. Sometimes, the audio of the podcast may be very feeble. So, look for parts where the audio quality is poor and ask for a better copy of the podcast.
  • Research the Terminology: Podcasts can be of any subject and some podcasts may focus on high-level topics like science and technology. These topics include use of certain terminology and acronyms that a common person may not understand. While transcribing high-level topics, if you come across such difficult terminology, make sure to look up on the Internet to understand the usage of the word. If you do not get the right answers from the Internet, then communicate with the podcast makers and ask them for a list of difficult terms used in the podcast so that the transcripts are accurate and free from any spelling mistakes or other errors.
  • Use Transcription Software: Many transcription software programs are available in the market today. These advanced software systems make the transcription process easier and quicker and are a convenient option when you have many podcasts to transcribe. So, investing in good transcription software is important. However, it is equally important to understand that software-generated transcripts are prone to error. So, make sure to cross check the automated transcripts with the help of a professional transcriptionist to ensure accuracy.

All the above tips help to generate error-free podcast transcripts. The ideal way to get professional podcast transcripts is by outsourcing to a reliable provider of podcast transcription services. These services ensure accurate and time-stamped transcripts at affordable prices. The professional transcriptionists at these outsourcing firms are knowledgeable in terminologies specific to each type of business, and therefore the chances of any mistakes are low.

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