Enabling Offline Dictation on MAC for Lawyers

by | Published on Dec 26, 2013 | Legal Transcription

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Lawyers are always looking for innovative options to improve their efficiency, especially when it comes to time consuming non-core tasks like legal transcription. Advanced dictation software is proving a great advantage for these professionals, helping them to ensure accurate and timely documentation for memorandum letters, depositions, hearings, legal pleadings, reports, briefs, court proceedings, client letters, and much more. Now that Apple has enabled offline dictation on MAC for lawyers with OS X Mavericks, lawyers can expect even more efficiency and timeliness when it comes to their transcripts.

As the lawyer speaks into the system’s microphone, Mavericks allows the live processing of the dictation which appears word for word in the document. But the greatest advantage is that, unlike OS X Mountain Lion, this speech-to-text service breaks the links with Apple’s servers. With Mountain Lion, the lawyer would have to wait till the dictation was sent to Apple’s server for conversion to text. An Internet connection was indispensable for legal transcription with Mountain Lion. Mavericks sets users free with its “enhanced dictation”.

With Mavericks, lawyers do not have to wait till their uploaded audio files are processed by Apple’s server. Dictation has gone offline, allowing them to document anything they want even when an Internet connection is not available. Moreover, the live feedback allows them to make necessary edits and corrections with the mouse or trackpad. Impressive options of Apple’s new dictation feature include

  • Allows switching between available languages
  • Customize the dictation trigger as keystroke or single key press
  • Responds to commands such as line breaks, caps lock or spaces

Improved productivity is just a few steps away. Enable the dictation feature in “Dictation & Speech” control panel. Then check the box for “Use Enhanced Dictation”. On confirmation, the system will download and install the service on your system. You can now initiate the dictation process by double hitting the ‘Fn’ key. In addition to word processing, Mavericks works well for quick email.

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