Dropbox Feasiblity for Legal Document Access

by | Published on Jan 11, 2013 | Legal Transcription

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Professionals from the legal industry have a wide range of technologies available to help them enhance overall productivity. The iPad is a popular option with legal specialists as it helps them manage their legal files easily. This convenient portable device allows them to carry around their documents and access them using the versatile Dropbox app.

As we all know Drop box is a file-hosting service that offers cloud storage of files and documents.  When you work on a document from Dropbox on an iPad, the changes are automatically fed to all the other computers that have been set up with your account. The app automatically synchronizes and updates all the folders and their contents.

Some security concerns have been raised by legal experts about the use of Dropbox for accessing sensitive and confidential legal documents. Attorneys and legal professionals need more security measures than common users when using technology for handling sensitive legal information. A hacker attack on Dropbox was reported in August 2012. The hackers stole usernames and passwords from other websites which were used to sign in to few Dropbox accounts. After this incident Dropbox enhanced its security to its users, but some professionals are still concerned about the security and confidentiality of using Dropbox for sensitive files. Some of the latest advice relates to keeping a backup of files, encrypting highly confidential documents, and removing such files from Dropbox as soon as possible.

Outsourcing your legal document management tasks to a reliable legal transcription company is one of the best ways to ensure the security and confidentiality of your legal documents. A professional service provider can offer highly secure document transfer, access and storage systems for confidential legal files.

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