Correspondence with clients could take the form of a reply or general letter to a particular client-specific issue or query. Client letters often sum up the current status quo of the case and make a general evaluation of the situation. Law firms, attorneys, lawyers, court reporters, corporations and other legal professionals often outsource client letters transcription to document their dictated correspondence.

Legal professionals are offered different file transfer options to send their dictation: upload on a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, or via encrypted browser-based methods. Once the transcription process is complete, quality checks are carried out covering various aspects such as:

  • Use of English and other important information
  • Recipient’s name and address
  • The identity of the sender
  • The date the letter was sent
  • Subject matter

Outsourcing the transcription of client correspondence greatly eases the work flow in busy legal practices which may have several letters to deal with each day. Established legal transcription companies with sufficient experience in legal transcription offer services at affordable rates. A reliable legal transcription service provider has a devoted team of highly trained and experienced legal transcriptionists that can provide clients accurate client letter services. Most providers of client letter transcription solutions also offer coding services tailored to meet client specifications.