Clear Recordings Are Important For Accurate Interview Transcription

by | Published on Sep 12, 2013 | Interview Transcription

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Interview TranscriptionMedia usually relies on transcription services for documenting audio recordings of interviews to pick up the information they are looking for. However, only clear recording can ensure quality transcripts. If you are recording an important interview and there are disturbances in the background such as other voices, sounds and so on, it would be difficult for the transcriptionist to understand what’s was said, thereby increasing the possibility errors in the transcribed document. Here are some basic tips on recording an interview which will ensure that your transcriptionist can provide you with clear and accurate documentation:

    • Use a good digital voice recorder – You can forget traditional tape recorders when brand new digital voice recorders are available in the market. Nowadays, most digital voice recorders have more than 600 hours of recording capacity so that you don’t have to miss even a single piece of information. You can even use a smartphone which has built-in voice recording capability which make recording interviews easy.


    • Prepare well to conduct the interview – When you conduct an interview, prepare well so that you need repeat it as this is a complete waste of time for both you and your respondent. Also, check the sound and recording quality of your voice recorder before conducting the interview. Try to speak naturally and set your tone and pace for the interview.


    • Do what you can to avoid disturbances in the background – Choose a quite, private room and avoid public areas where background noises are common. Also avoid rooms where other people might walk in. Turn off electronic devices such as TV, computer, radio and air conditioner that may disturb the recording.


  • Cross talk is not good for recording – Try not to speak over each other during the interview and do not interrupt your respondent while he/she is explaining or elaborating or expressing his/her views.

Going by these tips will provide you with clear audio recordings of your interview. A professional transcription company can then provide you accurate, customized interview transcription solutions at affordable rates.

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