Best Speech-to-Text Software for the Education Sector

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Speech-to-Text Software

Speech-to-text is a real game-changer in many industries, mainly the education sector. Advanced voice recognition programs and apps are available now for computers, tablets and smartphones than ever before. Mistakes may occur which can be cleared using professional academic transcription services provided by experts. Transcripts and captions offered by such software are proven to help all students, particularly those with dyslexia, dysgraphia, vision impairments, physical disabilities, or other learning disabilities, with better information and higher engagement. Integrating speech recognition into virtual classrooms can enhance both the learning and teaching experience.

With such a technology, students can write more quickly while eliminating the barrier of transcribing thoughts while brainstorming. Video conferencing is an essential tool for teaching and the closed captions of these videos are of great benefit to students. They can also choose to write using voice.

Here are some speech-to-text software options for teachers and students.

Dragon Speech Recognition

dragon speech recognition

Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is an ideal platform for teachers and students to enhance the educational experience. This software transforms the classroom and helps students and teachers to express themselves, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students who struggle with writing can use Dragon to express themselves simply by talking. You can just speak and the words appear on the computer screen transcribing up to 160 words a minute, or use simple voice commands to conduct research. This software provides more detailed assessments of student work, ranging from papers through research projects to tests.

This software can also read back the transcribed text to ensure that the material is truly what the user intended to say. Teachers can quickly and easily prepare lesson plans and allows dictating three times faster than typing-with up to 99% accuracy. Communication can be managed more effectively by sending emails and messages to colleagues, administrators, parents and students, entirely by voice.



For students who require note-taking assistance for meetings, transcribing research interviews, lectures, or any other important voice conversations, Otter is an ideal option. This AI-powered software provides recording and synchronized speech recognition and can recognize the speaker, and integrates search and keyword extraction. Students can use this software to capture notes from group study sessions, and process public audio data for research purposes. This full-featured, user-friendly note-taking technology designed for the classroom can be activated via the mobile app or browser. It gives more control for users and educators can also access transcripts live that they record via Otter and choose to share. Users can create secure groups and highlight and edit shared notes together.



Education & Disability Services

A one-stop-shop for all university transcription and captioning needs, Verbit provides perfect integrations and is an ideal solution for overall student engagement. With this reliable software, all students can participate effectively and benefit from real-time captioning of lectures and real-time transcription of sessions, which improves note-taking capabilities. Captions and transcripts are of help for students with reported disabilities as well as those with hearing loss. They can get 99% accurate transcripts and captions, adhering to ADA standards, and thus better engage with course materials. The software supports translation of all languages. Its TOGGLE feature allows attendees to choose how the live text will be presented in their web browser, whether to see the draft transcript as quickly as possible or see the corrected transcript a few seconds later. The speed view shows the text straight from the speech-to-text engine (ASR). With real-time CART solution, sessions can be scheduled within minutes in this easy-to-use online platform.

Braina Pro


This artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant software for Windows PC uses natural language interface and speech recognition to interact with users. It allows users to interact with their computer using voice commands in most of the languages of the world. With this software’s human language interface, you can use natural language sentences to perform various tasks on their computer. This multi-functional platform is helpful for students, as it can

  • read text aloud naturally and users can even select different voices and adjust the reading speed
  • solve mathematics problems of Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Percentage, Divisors, Set Theory, Mathematical definition and more/li>
  • quickly perform searches and find information about any person, place or thing from various online resources/li>
  • serve as a dictionary and thesaurus by finding definitions, antonyms, synonyms etc. of any word/li>

Even though such software provides automatic transcripts, these need not be 100% accurate. To ensure better accuracy, make sure to get the transcripts edited by an experienced online transcription company.

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