Best Practices When Attending a Job Interview

by | Published on Jun 19, 2018 | Interview Transcription

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Business organizations conduct interviews as part of their selection process. The interviews can be recorded and transcribed with the help of professional transcription services. The transcripts provide the information needed to select the best candidate. The interview being highly significant for job aspirants, it is important for them to perform well and create a good impression on the interviewers. What are the best practices to follow in this regard? The following are some useful tips from Karen Gately, director and founder of the HR firm Ryan Gately, which candidates can keep in mind when attending an interview.
Job Interview

  • First impression matters. So, be well dressed, with your hair neatly combed, adjust your tie before the meeting and look polished and presentable and be on time. In the case of women, it is best to avoid a plunging neckline and short skirts.
  • Give respect to the interview panel. The way you walk in through the front door, how you engage with the receptionist and greet others etc. are taken into account. So be polite and gentle. Also, make sure that your mobile is switched off before entering the interview room.
  • Pay attention to each individual in the interview panel and if any one of the panel members asks a question, then make eye contact with the person who asked the question and answer him/her confidently.
  • Know the type of job you are interviewing for and ask yourself why you have applied for this job.
  • Have a thorough understanding about the organization and the top-level people who work in the organization.
  • Getting into debates or arguments during an interview is a common scenario. Your behaviour in the interview reflects how you would behave in the job. If you are found to be aggressive and not constructive, it could have a negative impact on your prospects.
  • Be honest if the interviewer asks about your past experience and challenges. But do not criticize your former employer or company. A good healthy attitude is far more advisable than playing the blame game.
  • Focus on your challenges and obstacles and show how you dealt with it to demonstrate your problem-solving capabilities.
  • The interview should be followed up by a polite phone call or email thanking the interviewer and asking for insight into the next step in the process. But do not be pushy.
  • Make sure that you avoid caffeine on the day of your interview and arrive early to the venue to give yourself some time.
  • Ask clarification on tricky questions. This shows that you are confident enough to speak up if you don’t know.

Apart from what to do during an interview, Karen Gately also points out some mistakes to avoid during an interview.

  • Being late for the interview
  • Not addressing all delegates on the panel equally
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing
  • Being rude to the receptionist, interviewers or other staff.

Interviews are designed to collect data and narrative information to better understand the respondent’s unique perspectives and interview transcription services help to convert interviews into text format. The service is provided by trained and experienced transcriptionists who will ensure timely completion of the project. Recording and transcribing job interviews help the officials to make a good final decision.

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