Audio Transcription – A Useful Tool to Enhance Accessibility to eLearning Content

by | Published on Aug 12, 2016 | Audio Transcription

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Audio Transcription Enhance Accessibility eLearning ContentWith new strategies and methodologies evolving every day, eLearning is a rising trend and one that is here to stay. Educational videos are one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. As a useful tool to enhance accessibility to eLearning content, audio transcription is growing along with it. The text equivalent of an audio recording, audio and video transcripts make the audio content accessible to people with hearing impairments and are a useful tool for any student. Many organizations offering online tutorials have found that students rely on downloadable transcripts to a great extent. Let’s see how audio transcripts enhance accessibility to eLearning media files.

  • The transcripts act as study aids, allowing students to print the text, read it along with the media, and highlight important parts as the presentation is in progress. Students who happen to miss the narrated presentation can always rely on the transcripts as study material.
  • Captioned and transcribed videos are a huge benefit to students with hearing difficulties as well as for all students as they increase engagement, help them understand the content better, and also retain the subject matter more efficiently.
  • Transcripts provided along with the audio helps students understand the audio better. This is especially useful when the subject is complex and involves explanations of various concepts.
  • Transcripts are useful for international students with language barriers. For instance, for tutorials conducted in English, students would need to have a good grip on the language and also the ability to decipher the teachers’ accents. Media transcription provides clarity and helps those are not familiar with the language.

It is clear that transcription is an important factor in the e-learning process. However, accurate eLearning content transcriptions and captions are critical for success. Fortunately, professional transcription services can ensure this by transcribing even educational videos with complex subject matter and terminology correctly.

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