Accurate Insurance Transcription Helps Claims Adjusters

by | Published on Jul 2, 2016 | Insurance Transcription

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Insurance Transcription Helps Claims AdjustersInsurance processes are quite complex and involves a lot of formalities. Time is of vital importance in the insurance industry and therefore claims representatives must have the right processes and tools that will enable them to do their job easily and efficiently. There are a number of recordings that need to be transcribed such as insurance claim statements, insurance reports for property, holdings and assets, insurance meetings and interviews and so on. The industry can benefit a lot by having access to professional transcription services provided by transcription outsourcing companies. It minimizes the huge amount of work involved in the documentation process of a claim, helps in speeding up the process of claim investigation and ensures on- time settlement of insurance cases.

Here are some ways in which insurance transcription helps claims adjusters.

  • Saves time: With a transcribed statement of an insurance claim, claims adjusters can easily refer to the case and find out every detail quickly and efficiently.  It also allows managers and team members to refer to any file at any time without listening to the audio file.
  • Helps in file arbitration: Insurance transcription helps insurers to quickly settle claim disputes. In case of any conflicts, both the parties have the opportunity to present the case before an arbitrator who would take a decision.  For presenting an insured or claimant’s statement, the audio files should be converted into transcripts that are later presented in court.
  • Identify inconsistencies: Insurance transcription enables adjusters to spot discrepancies. If a file calls for multiple recorded interviews with the claimant or insured, the transcripts can be compared for both conspicuous and small differences.
  • Have access to a complete and accurate file: With accurate transcription of recorded statements, adjusters can have a complete claims file. A complete transcript is more advantageous when it comes to giving the legal team a comprehensive picture of the case. Maintaining a complete claim is important for litigation or at the time of inspection by legal team.

Adjusters, agents and other insurance professionals rely on professional transcription services for accurate recorded statement transcription. Utilizing insurance transcription service provided by reliable general transcription companies will prove to be cost-effective, and time saving, and will help improve efficiency.

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