7 Ways to Make a Business Meeting More Fun and Engaging

by | Published on Mar 6, 2018 | Business Transcription

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Business meetings are face-to-face discussions held to exchange ideas for better decision making. Business meetings are a necessary part of operating in a professional environment. Typically, such meetings are recorded and transcripts maintained of the same with the support of general transcription services. Business meetings provide time to network among staff to share ideas, emphasize teamwork and inform employees and management alike of new developments. Unfortunately, most business meetings turn out to be dull and boring. To reap the benefits of staff meetings, these dull get-togethers must be turned around so that all participants stay engaged and the meeting is fun.

Business MeetingSo, here are some fun ideas for your next business meeting.

  • Have a strict “No Rehash” Rule: In most meetings, there is always a tendency to discuss topics that were already discussed before. This is a waste of time. So make sure that the host of the meeting has good control over the topics that are being discussed.
  • It is not a meeting but a gathering: Do not call these meetings as business conferences or meetings because meetings are considered boring and stuffy. Instead of a boring set-up, treat your meeting or conference as a gathering of all employees.
  • Have an agenda: Meetings usually take up a lot of time but having an agenda helps to keep the meeting prompt and productive. A good agenda helps to keep everyone focused and discuss what is important without wasting any time. Conducting a meeting by following an agenda ensures that all important points are discussed in the allotted time.
  • Do not use the meeting room, instead go out: There is no rule that meetings should be conducted in conference rooms. You can conduct them in any of your favorite places or you can be totally informal and walk up to your employee’s desk to discuss something without scheduling a time. Another alternative is to go for a walk with your co-workers. This will help to resolve any questions or find good solutions to your concerns.
  • Cut down irrelevant updates and chatters: Try to avoid unwanted chatter and discussions during the meeting. This can be a waste of time for the employees. So it is important to keep track of what is being said in an interview. This will ensure that the meeting is conducted efficiently and effectively.
  • Stand up: Do not use chairs to sit and conduct the meetings, instead ask your employees to stand up. Standing is much healthier and also helps the employees to get to the point faster. Standing up in meetings could reduce meeting time considerably. Sitting for long hours can be harmful for your overall health.
  • Keep it short: Usually standard meetings last for 30 minutes or up to one hour but this needn’t be the norm. Try to keep your meeting for a short duration, cut down your half-an-hour meeting to 15 to 25minutes. This will keep your employees attentive during the meeting and enable wise decision-making.

To keep a tab on all important decisions taken in the meeting, hire professional transcription services to record the meeting and transcribe the proceedings into accurate notes.

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