Why Your Business Can’t Avoid Podcasts and Their Transcripts

by | Published on Feb 18, 2020 | Podcast Transcription

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Business Can’t Avoid Podcasts and Their Transcripts

Many businesses are now considering podcasting as a powerful tool to discover new audiences and nurture existing ones, and thus boost SEO results. This is a great storytelling tool to engage and delight audiences of all types. With clear transcripts, companies can benefit more from podcasts such as improved search engine rankings and better web accessibility. In 2019, Google has started rolling out podcast results in search. For those podcasts without transcripts, Google automatically transcribes them, which may not be perfect. Audio transcription services can transcribe the entire keyword-rich content from your podcast episodes into text that bots can read.

Podcasting is one of the top content marketing trends for 2020. Based on the Podcast Consumer 2019 research, 32% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly, which is up from 26% in 2018. The report also highlighted the fact that more than half of podcast consumers have multi-tasked while listening. Increased use of mobile phones has also led to the explosive growth of podcasts.

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How Podcasting Is Useful

With this audio content strategy with high engagement but low competition, businesses can –

  • Increase traffic generation
  • Build a stronger and faster relationship with the audience
  • Convey the message in a highly interactive way rather than any written content
  • Attract potential customers and clients
  • Make a powerful impact on organic search
  • Make content easily accessible for users
  • Showcase expertise in your specific industry

A podcast listener can multi-task – they can listen to podcasts, while they work or play. Podcast audiences are more loyal and they will check back each time there is a new podcast episode. The audience may also recommend quality podcasts to others, which increases your reach considerably.

Being mobile-friendly, this content can also be listened through any mobile device. Easy to create, you just need a good quality microphone and headphones for creating a podcast.

How Crucial Are Podcast Transcripts?

Podcast transcription is more helpful, if the listener is in a noisy place, that too without headphones and if the speaker’s accent is quite difficult to understand. Without a clear transcript, it will be difficult to search for specific parts of this audio content.

Adding a transcript to each episode podcast will:

  • Improve accessibility and search visibility for your website
  • Improve online visibility and connect with target audiences better
  • Allow search engines to properly index your content
  • Increase the chances of getting quoted in a tweet or article
  • Increase the podcast’s rank on search engine results pages
  • Make podcasts vastly shareable, quotable, and citable
  • Provide listeners a better user experience

Tips for Creating Quality Podcasts

While creating podcasts, make sure to –

  • Include timestamps in the transcripts. Most podcasters fail to do this. By including timestamps, you are making it really easy for a reader to go to the corresponding part of the audio. They may not be patient enough to listen to the whole audio, while the information they need is at just one point.
  • Add keywords to podcast episodes. When creating content for podcast, choose one main keyword that will describe it. Using the keyword in your podcast’s title will increase the chances of building your audience. Consider one keyword of high search volume but low competition per episode and avoid repetition.
  • Invest in quality equipment. Low-quality recordings will irritate listeners and this will impact ranking. Now there are various options to buy quality equipment at highly affordable costs.
  • Make it more interactive by creating audience polls and answering questions. This will attract listeners to your content and they will be happy with this interactive experience, rather than simply listening to your audio.
  • Host on a relevant platform. Diverse podcast platforms are available now, of which you need to find the most relevant one that suits your industry. Hosting an amazing podcast on a wrong platform will not work, as your audience may not be there.

You must also follow optimal podcast length. Though AI-supported transcription options are now available, it is ideal for businesses to choose the services provided by a reputable transcription agency to avoid time-consuming podcast transcription tasks.

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