Tips to Increase Billable Time and Boost Productivity in a Law Office

by | Published on Jun 9, 2017 | Legal Transcription

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Increase Billable Time and Boost Productivity in a Law OfficeFor lawyers, time is money. That means it pays for lawyers to have the right tools and options to increase billable time and efficiency. Legal transcription services play an important role here, allowing lawyers to get the voice records of their digital dictation transcribed in time to meet their deadlines. Today, lawyers are using their smartphones to record their dictation, and technology has transformed these dictation devices into robust office tools. There are many ways to boost productivity in a law office:

  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and more on practicing law: This is the new productivity mantra. In addition to transcription, lawyers can outsource coding tasks, document scanning, data entry, legal document management, legal research, and more. Efficient outsourcing services are available for all these tasks that attorneys or law firms typically need to handle. Allowing experts to handle these areas will give lawyers more time for their core task – practicing law.
  • Avoid procrastination: A best practice to improve time management is to deal with the most challenging tasks first. Make a to-do list every day and list tasks in order of priority. Once important matters are handled and the burden resolved, it will be easier to get on with the rest of the work. Remember that procrastination is the thief of time.
  • Use an optimal blend of technology and manpower: While technology is certainly important to getting ahead and staying competitive, people are a very valuable resource when it comes to the personal touch. It can make a big difference to your clients to have a real human being answer their phone calls.
  • Choose the right legal document management software: Choose a practice management software program that you are comfortable with and meets your specific workflow requirements. The right program will ensure well-organized documents that are easily retrievable, allow you to collaborate with your clients, help you track and edit your content, and share everything securely with your team. The latest systems allow lawyers to create customized legal documents, forms and templates. Make sure that the office management system you choose allows you to access everything you want on your smartphone.
  • Record billable hours promptly: Don’t put off capturing billable hours until the end of the week or month. Use your smartphone and a dictation app to accurately record your tasks or the length of time you worked on a case. You can also photograph your receipts as part of recording your expenses.

With a reliable legal transcription service provider, lawyers are ensured of high quality transcripts of arbitrations, depositions, case hearings, court proceedings, briefs, legal pleadings and more. Allowing expert transcriptionists to handle this task is a proven way to improve law office productivity and efficiency.

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