The Significance of Podcast Transcription

by | Published on Feb 4, 2013 | Podcast Transcription

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Podcasts are becoming very popular nowadays, the main reason being that that these pre-recorded and self-contained online presentations can be used to inform, educate, and deliver information on a vast range of subjects. Lecture podcasts have proved especially useful for students as they blend the audio and visual presentation in an easy-to-retrieve format.

Podcast transcription services help document all this useful information in standardized text format. A professional transcription company can offer podcast transcripts for news updates, business meetings, student lessons, training programs, talk shows, interviews, radio programs, magazines, newspapers, and much more.

Benefits of Podcast Transcription

1.Access to Search Engine: A professional transcription company can transcribe your podcasts accurately. Keyword-rich podcast transcripts can then be used to boost your website’s online visibility and attract more traffic. Podcast transcripts with proper captioning on the videos can help search engines to easily find your website and ensure it a higher page ranking.

2.Helps in learning: if the content in the podcast is educational or informative in nature, then having the transcript of podcast will be an added advantage to help people learn and clarify their doubts.

3.Helps in relation building: podcasts are great for building relationships and for engagements.

4.Wider audience:  While most people imbibe information through reading rather than from an audio, some prefer video visuals over audio hearings. Podcast transcription allows visitors to get information in both ways. Podcasts transcripts are also very useful for the hearing impaired.

5.Helps for personal reference: podcast transcripts of interviews and other important events help you keep track of what was said.

6.Flexibility: podcasts transcripts with captions and subtitles are very flexible. They can be converted into articles, e-books and handbooks.

The best way to get professional podcast transcripts is by outsourcing the documentation task to a reliable transcription company. Reliable service providers can offer accurate, time-stamped transcripts at cost effective rates in custom turnaround time.

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