Outsourcing Legal Transcription: Benefits for Law Firms

by | Published on Dec 20, 2012 | Legal Transcription

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Outsourcing has become popular in almost all business fields with the advent of globalization. The legal arena is no different. With more and more lawyers, attorneys and other legal professionals becoming aware of the benefits offered by reliable legal transcription services, there is an increase in the outsourcing trend.

Established LPO providers can competently carry out legal transcription and other tasks, thereby allowing law firms and legal professionals to focus more on matters that demand their personal attention.

Lawyers require legal transcription services for different types of court proceedings such as hearings, pleadings, depositions, bankruptcy court proceedings and more. As it is an important process, legal transcription should be carried out in a timely and perfect manner. Legal transcription outsourcing service provided by a dedicated outsourcing firm ensures accurate and efficient legal record documentation.

Legal Transcription Service – Key Features

  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • 3 levels of quality assurance by proofreaders, editors, and legal experts
  • Secure file transfer through browser, FTP or e-mail
  • Transcription management software
  • Staff working 24/7, 365 days

In addition to the above advantages, the law firm can save 30 to 40 percent on transcription cost. Cost savings is not the only factor that attracts legal entities to legal transcription service. It is the aspect of constant support available that provides great relief to busy professionals. Moreover, the outsourcing company shares in the business risks. A reliable legal transcription company is well aware of the importance of the work entrusted to them and so everything is handled with utmost care, security and high confidentiality. It would also make sure that the solutions provided are customized to meet individual client requirements.

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