Law Office Recordings Transcription – Need for Professionalism

by | Published on Jun 6, 2013 | Regular Recordings Transcription

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Many business establishments strike business agreements via phones and they record these conversations for future reference. Recording of conversations become necessary when a client is physically absent and these recordings play a significant role in solving legal issues related to businesses.

Accurate and quality transcription of law office recordings is an absolute necessity and requires professionalism on the part of the transcriptionist. Typical law office personnel may not have the skill and acumen to provide insightful transcription for these important recordings. In such instances, legal professionals can utilize the services of a professional legal transcription company that has a consistent track record for providing reliable legal transcription service. The most distinguishing feature of such a company is its dedicated team of skilled and experienced legal transcriptionists who are familiar with all dialects, accents and legal jargon. Besides transcribing law office recordings they can provide transcription service for court orders, interviews, wire tap, seminars, conferences, legal pleadings, statements, investigations and many more.

Legal transcription companies attach prime importance to quality control. For that they have a quality assurance team of editors, proofreaders and legal specialists to ensure that all completed legal transcripts are of flawless quality, accurate and cater to client specifications.

To meet client requirements and produce results that exceed client expectations, companies utilize the latest technology that will help transcriptionists to complete the assigned tasks within the specified time schedule. They are extremely sensitive about maintaining security and confidentiality of client information and comply with all rules and regulations related to safeguarding legal documents. By outsourcing law office recordings transcription, legal entities benefit in many ways:

  • Digital dictation machines and toll free number as dictation options
  • 99% accuracy
  • Transfer of transcribed documents through browser-based web pages or secure file transfer protocol with 256 bit AES encryption
  • Competitive pricing with cost savings of 40%
  • Reduced workload
  • Quick and customized turnaround time

All characteristic features that distinguish a reliable legal transcription firm may not be present in a typical law office setup. This underlines the necessity of outsourcing legal processes that cannot be efficiently done in-house. Outsourcing back office tasks such as transcription of law office recordings to a reliable transcription service provider can increase overall business productivity and ensure the law office a competitive edge.

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