Why Law Enforcement Agencies Are Now Looking towards Transcription Outsourcing

by | Published on Jul 22, 2013 | Legal Transcription

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Law enforcement agencies are now facing a crunch when it comes to transcription of their important legal documents. Just like their legal counterparts, law enforcement agencies need timely finished transcripts to meet the requirements of prosecutors and defense counsel and to help the courts proceed with their judgments. Without timely legal transcription, the criminal justice system may come to a halt. Without accurate transcripts, prosecution will be delayed, ability to produce a convincing defense would be hampered and the expectations of the courts would not be satisfied. Law enforcement agencies are now turning towards legal transcription outsourcing because of the following factors.

  • Performing transcription in-house is not a viable solution – As the population and crime related cases are increasing with court requirements which are now becoming tougher, the demand for transcription in many jurisdictions is now on the rise. Law enforcement agencies are now realizing that handing transcription tasks to administrative staff members is not a good idea, since they are often engaged in their administrative duties. Also, they do not have the skill or experience in performing this kind of specialized tasks.
  • To meet important requirements – When it comes to transcription, the important requirements of law enforcement agencies are accuracy, fast turnaround, security and confidentiality. For them, accuracy is absolutely necessary while maintaining security and confidentiality. Any leak of information to the media will hamper court proceedings and have devastating effects on people’s reputations. The transcription of investigation and prosecution documents is a step-by-step procedure and skipping each transcription step is out of the question. Only professional transcriptionists can ensure error-free transcripts and quick turnaround.
  • Professional objectivity is often necessary – Transcriptionists sometimes have to listen to recordings which may make most people feel uncomfortable. The content of these recordings involve murders, brutal crimes against children and violent sexual offenses. For this kind of job, law enforcement agencies need qualified professionals who are specialized in law enforcement transcription and have experience in transcribing graphic details.

Law enforcement agencies such as criminal justice organizations and defense counsel are searching for effective ways to manage the rising need of transcripts without compromising on accuracy and confidentiality, and meeting the turnaround time requirements. All of these requirements can be satisfied by a professional legal transcription company which has the right resources to meet specific client needs.

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