Importance of Deposition Transcription in a Personal Injury Case

by | Published on Jul 22, 2016 | Deposition Transcription

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Deposition Transcription in Personal InjuryLegal industry is one of the industry sectors that require professional transcription services. A proficient legal transcription company provides accurate transcripts of reports, interviews, investigation, pleadings, memorandums and so on in any format for future use. Hiring these services reduces the transcription burden of lawyers and court reporters and helps them to improve their workflow.

In a personal injury case, a deposition is an important part and is held before the trial commences. It refers to the formal statements from key witnesses that are recorded for reference. It is an out of court- procedure and is very important in that it helps to find out what exactly happened, what injuries the individual has suffered and so on. Depositions are conducted in either the plaintiff or defense attorney’s office where there is no judge present. A court reporter will however be present to record every detail in stenographic form or on tape and sometimes depositions are recorded as video clippings too.

Court reporters can utilize the service of reliable transcription firms to prepare transcripts of the depositions. The deposition transcript is an important document that is mailed to the plaintiff or his/her attorney. It is vital that all that is said at the deposition is transcribed accurately without errors. The transcript generated from the deposition is as significant as a sworn testimony. It may be used at trial for cross-examination purposes.

Deposition transcription is thus one of the vital processes an attorney needs for the success of the case. The transcript helps to discover and point out any contradiction between the testimony given by the witness at the deposition and at the trial or the variance between the deposition testimony and the emerging evidence. Hence an error-free deposition transcription is essential for a positive outcome of the case.

A reliable legal transcription firm offers accurate transcripts for the following recordings as well, all of which are important in a personal injury case:

  • Interrogations
  • Medical and expert testimony
  • Hearings
  • Meetings
  • Briefs
  • Legal examinations

The advantage of having a dependable transcription service provider is that you are ensured the service of highly educated typists and editors experienced in preparing legal transcripts. They are also well-versed in the conventions required for depositions. Court reporters benefit immensely from such transcription services that can address their specific needs and meet their high standards.

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