How To Convert A Podcast Into A Blog Post

by | Published on Nov 16, 2021 | Podcast Transcription

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Finding valuable content for your website is not easy. One way of getting good content is by converting your podcasts into blog posts. Podcasts help to share knowledge with your audience and you can place podcasts on various platforms like Apple podcasts, iTunes, Spotify etc to attract new and potential audience. Today, many people listen to podcasts as a form of entertainment or as a source of news or inspiration etc. Podcasts have a personal touch and with podcast transcription, businesses can convert these podcasts into text format for content marketing.

Podcasts are a series of audio episodes that are digitally programmed and formatted; each podcast focuses on a specific theme or topic. To listen to a podcast, all you need is a recording device and a good internet connection. Podcasts are engaging and creative, and repurposing the podcast is the best way to refresh existing episodes into new mediums to attract potential users. The podcasts can be easily repurposed to new and interesting content that can be used as social media posts, blog posts, video etc.

Advantages of Repurposing Podcast Content into Blog Post

    • Improved brand awareness: It is important to ensure that your potential buyers see your brand message. Seeing your content consistently helps them to take actions quickly. So, by repurposing your podcast into blogs and posting in various channels is a great way to create more brand awareness and increase your customer base.


    • Increased SEO value: When you are converting your podcast into a blog, it is important to make sure that it has SEO value. Search engines can easily crawl articles and blogs and rank your content in search results. You can include internal links to your content to increase the authority of your page. This helps to drive traffic to your website.


  • Better credibility: Converting your podcasts into blog posts helps to project you as an authority. As you generate new assets, you’ll explain your episode content in multiple ways. This allows different types of people to understand your key points and see you as an authority in your area. If you have podcasting, it is important to increase your credibility as a part of your strategy to become a leader in your industry.

Convert Your Podcast Effortlessly

The best and the easiest way to convert your podcast into a blog is by using transcription. A 30-minute podcast will have around 6000 words. Converting this long podcast into text format all by yourself can take several hours. For an inexperienced individual, converting a podcast will take several rounds of listening, pausing, typing, rewinding etc and this can take a lot of time. But a professional transcription vendor can convert your podcast into text easily. They have experienced transcriptionists with keen listening skills who can transcribe a 30-minute long podcast quickly, and with utmost accuracy.

Today, you have transcription software with automated intelligence that helps to quickly transcribe any audio into text. You can highlight the text that you want to include in your blog post and transcribe it. If you want your final blog post to be between 750 and 2,000 words, then make sure to highlight a significant portion or be prepared to expand on that content. The highlighted portion can be exported to convert to text in any desired format. Once the transcript is ready, you can make necessary edits to make it a final post. Some successful podcasts convert their entire transcript into blog post. Another alternative is to add additional information and make it more information rich.

Even though transcription software is easy and quick, they are prone to errors. Manual transcription can significantly reduce errors in transcription. It is much more reliable than automated transcription because professional transcriptionists listen to the data with pauses when required, and write it down and this minimizes the chances of any error. Humans can understand different dialects and slangs better when compared to automated transcription. The text transcripts of automated transcription software lack highlighted subtitles or captions. Automated transcription cannot perfectly recognize different speakers and different accents, which affects the accuracy rate. Manual transcription is capable of meeting deadlines and tight schedules without compromising on the quality. So, if you want to convert your podcasts into valuable content that can drive more traffic to your website, then reach out to an online transcription company. We can help you transcribe any audio or video content into accurate text in any format at cost-effective rates.

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Benefits of Repurposing Podcast Content

Benefits of Repurposing Podcast Content

Podcasting provides brands with a distinctive avenue to connect with their audience, broaden their reach, and enhance their marketing strategy. Repurposing podcast content into different formats allows you to reinforce key messages and establish your expertise across multiple channels. When transcribed with the support of a professional audio transcription company, podcast transcription can generate traffic and bolster your SEO