How General Correspondence Transcription Services Can Help You

by | Published on May 16, 2013 | General Correspondence Transcription

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General business correspondence involves the use of specialized, formal terminology and specific layout formats. Legal practices and insurance companies generate a large volume of formal correspondence in the form of audio recordings. General correspondence transcription services help convert these audio files into clear, concise and properly formatted documents which can be conveniently stored and archived for retrieval when required.

General transcription is the transcription of audio and video files relating to just about anything.  For instance, for a physician, it could mean the documentation of medical transcription, letters, lectures, books or anything else related to their field. A lawyer may require general transcription services for documenting legal depositions, client meetings, letters, or a court hearing. Corporate professionals usually find it necessary to get transcripts of telephone calls, business meetings, coaching sessions, conferences, interviews, public speeches, radio shows, seminars, training sessions, and more. General transcription solutions are also provided to document religious speeches and sermons. Academicians and students may also need these services to transcribe discussions, lectures, reports, manuscripts, books, and more.

A professional transcription company would have a team of transcribers who are proficient in all these areas. They can transcribe any kind of audio or video recording, converting them into accurate text files in the required format and within customized turnaround.  Outsourcing these transcription tasks to a reliable transcription company can help you save money, reduce infrastructure expenditure and get highly professional transcripts.

The main features of the services that an established transcription company would include:

  • 256 bit AES encryption and FTP server for safe file transfer
  • Services for dictation on standard tapes, mini DV tapes, VHS, and micro cassettes
  • Use of converters such as WinAmp, Windows Media Player, DVF, PC Dart PlayAll, Goldwave, and DSS, and WordPerfect 9, Microsoft Word of MS Office 97/98 and 2000, and other media players enable pitch and speed adjustment, allowing greater accuracy
  • Multi-level quality control processes
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Free trial

Reliable general transcription services can reduce your workload and save up to 30 to 40% on your costs.


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