Footage Transcription and Its Importance

by | Published on Mar 1, 2016 | Footage Transcription

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Footage TranscriptionFootage transcription of a video is a very important process and it comprises a word by word transcription of the audio or video footage of your films, documentary etc. Having your videos transcribed is important as it has a positive impact on search engine visibility. Footage transcription services from a legal transcription company will prove beneficial for film makers, cinematographers, documentary makers, pod casters, and web casters among others.

Why Transcribe Your Footage?

A text transcript of your raw footage can serve numerous purposes:

  • It helps those who have difficulty in hearing. With transcribed data, those who cannot hear, can read and understand the footage.
  • It brings more clarity to the audio with written reference. Some people like to have text when they watching or listening. This makes it look professional and helps you understand things quickly and easily.
  • Transcribing your video makes your content more searchable. If you remember a part of the video or podcast, you can search for it using the text in the transcript.
  • For SEO purposes, footage transcription is useful as it enables the written text to get picked and indexed by search engines.

If you are planning on in-house transcription of your footage, you will have to invest in transcriptionists and other necessary resources. This process is time-consuming, therefore outsourcing your transcription of footage is advisable.

Outsourcing Footage Transcription

Here are some of the major advantages of outsourcing this important requirement.

  • Transcription services are cost-effective and affordable
  • Use of latest and advanced technology for better output
  • Customized formatting for transcribed files
  • Offer consistency in their work with minimum turnaround time
  • You receive accurate transcripts of excellent quality

With the above mentioned benefits it is better to opt for a reliable footage transcription services that can provide quality service within a targeted period of time. If you partner with a transcription company with a solid track record in the industry, you get to work with some of the best transcription professionals who can provide insightful transcription.

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