A Few Tips to Make Your Podcast SEO-friendly

by | Published on May 14, 2021 | Podcast Transcription

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A podcast transcript is a printed version of an audio or video broadcast designed for downloading or streaming online. It opens up your content to several markets that would otherwise go unreached. Podcasting is an effective form of communication and a great way of introducing your products and services, as well as providing useful and relevant information to a targeted audience. Podcast transcription is a text version of your podcast that can be used for various productive purposes. Companies providing professional podcast transcription services have experienced and skilled  transcribers who can transcribe the recording including apt keywords, so that the content is seo-friendly and easy to read.

Since mid-2019, Google started scanning audio files to provide the best and relevant content to users. An optimized podcast transcript will capitalize on the impact and reach out to customers and also maximize the earnings from creative and well-structured content. Podcasts can be in audio or video format and podcast transcripts can be easily shared with others. Search engines cannot read audio, but with a written text the search engines crawl and pick up the valuable content. This will increase your audience and also help in better website ranking.

So, here are some tips make your podcast more SEO-friendly.

  • Record with SEO in Mind: Before recording your podcast, find out the topics that your potential audience are interested in. Plan and structure the podcast in such a way that relevant keywords are used, and this will improve the quality of your podcast.
  • Choose the Right Keywords: Using the right keywords is important for podcast recordings. Make sure to choose one main, relevant keyword and use it in every episode. The keyword should have low competition and high search volume to have better chances of ranking.
  • Use a Captivating Title: The title of the podcast should be interesting and appealing so that people are encouraged to listen to your podcast.
  • Transcribe your Podcast: Once your podcast is ready, the next step is to transcribe it. Reach out to a professional transcription vendor that can transcribe with utmost accuracy. Transcribing your podcast helps the search engines to crawl through the content and reach out to a larger audience.
  • Keyword Optimization: Finding the right keywords is the prime aspect of optimizing the podcast with a text transcript. Keywords allow Google to show users the podcast episode that is related to their searches. This increases the chances of the podcast showing up in search results.
  • Make Content more Accessible: Transcripts make your content more accessible to a greater number of people, and enhance the user experience. The transcripts also make the content more easily searchable for those who may want to use your podcast material as a resource or backlink.
  • Summarize your Podcast: Apart from transcription, podcasts also need a small summary to increase the SEO of the webpage where you have published it.

Podcast transcription is a text version of a podcast that makes it easy for people to find your content. It helps business owners demonstrate their voice and build relationships with customers. It ensures better search engine ranking with easily searchable content and enhances your blog or website. Podcast transcription services provide transcripts of business meetings, student lessons, training programs, radio programs etc. These service providers ensure timely completion of the project and are cost-effective.

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