Ensuring Accurate Transcription of Technical Documents

by | Published on Apr 23, 2013 | Technical Transcription

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Just as the legal and healthcare industry need transcription services to reduce workload and increase overall productivity, areas such as manufacturing, engineering, IT, research, and advertising need accurate transcripts of audio files that contain important technical content. Such matter is usually used for various corporate, research, and promotional activities.

If companies want to be able to target a worldwide market, they should be able to publish technical papers and documents that reflect the commitment of their business to maintain only the strictest standards in product and service quality. The best way to ensure the highest standards of accuracy is for them to outsource their technical transcription tasks to a professional transcription company.

The right firm can help them resolve the various challenges associated with technical transcription. Besides ensuring accurate transcripts in customized turnaround time, they can ensure the following:

  • Time coding or stamping: This is an important requirement for transcripts of television programs. Time stamping is customized to suit customer needs with regard to frequency of time coding, audio time code style and subjective time stamping
  • Verbatim transcripts: For a high quality technical transcript, unnecessary utterances and sounds are left out
  • Source files in any format: Source files are accepted in any audio or video format such as micro cassettes, tapes, digital recordings, and more
  • High accuracy: Supporting data is thoroughly researched to ensure that the files are transcribed accurately and that all the technical details are correct.

Whether there are multiple speakers or speakers with difficult foreign accents, professional transcription services can ensure well-formatted technical transcripts of technical discussions, interviews, lectures, symposiums, teaching assemblies, presentations, training sessions, meetings, business and technological negotiations, and more.

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