"MOS Legal Transcription Service has been a great help to my legal practice. They have consistently been on time and within budget. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of legal transcriptions they have delivered us."
"We had tried two other companies to perform legal transcription work, but neither of them had given such excellent attention to detail as yours! We are more than delighted with your staff and company."
"Outstanding! MOS Legal Transcription Service has done a wonderful job at transcribing the most complex legal documents. We are happy with the quality and accuracy of the transcribed files. We will definitely use your services again and happily recommend your firm to others without hesitation."

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MOS Legal Transcription Company

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS Legal Transcription Service is a legal transcription company providing quality legal transcription services for lawyers, attorneys, law firms, law companies, paralegals, and other legal professionals across the US. We also provide secure and confidential general transcription such as conference transcription services - on time, in any format, at some of the most competitive pricing schedules in the industry.

Dictate confidentially using our toll free dictation facility or a digital recording device, and we will transcribe all your legal reports such as court transcripts, memorandums, and more. Partnering with us saves you up to 30-40% of your transcription cost. For more details, call 1-800-670-2809. We offer a FREE Trial and look forward to earning your business.

Law Firms

With our dedicated team of transcriptionists and utilizing advanced technology, we deliver quality and secure transcription service for law firms. Benefit from our level of expertise and quick turnaround times.



As a leading transcription company, we offer quality transcription for your legal reports. With our professional approach and commitment, we help lawyers and other legal professionals meet their specific requirements.



We provide legal transcription outsourcing services that address the needs of courts and other legal departments. Whether you want transcription for general correspondence or legal letters, we can efficiently meet your needs.



Our services are secure and are available for businesses of all sizes. We have expertise in transcribing legal documents from across all legal areas. We can customize the turnaround time to suit the needs of our clients.