Why Should You Record and Transcribe Your Lecture Notes?

Why Should You Record and Transcribe Your Lecture Notes?

Why Should You Record and Transcribe Your Lecture Notes?
Recording lectures and transcribing them into accurate notes for future reference is an excellent way for students to ensure that all information presented in class is preserved. Transcribing lectures helps the students to retain information and make sure that they have a good understanding of the material covered. It also helps to reduce the chances of missing out on important information during lectures, because they can listen to it again at a later date if needed. However, many students do not have the time to transcribe the lectures on their own, which is where lecture transcription services become significant. Providers of transcription services ensure high-quality transcription within a short space of time. This gives students more time to focus on their studies, prepare for exams, or complete their assignments.

The following are the top ten reasons why lecture notes need to be transcribed.

  • Helps focus better on the lectures: Recording and transcribing lectures allows you to focus solely on your teachers and what they are saying, instead of trying to write down everything they say at the same time. You can be more engaged with your class, which will result in better comprehension of the subject matter.
  • Saves time: During a lecture, it may be difficult for some students to take notes because they’re too busy trying to understand what their professor is saying. In other cases, students just can’t keep up with the speed at which their professors talk. In these cases, recording the lectures and having them transcribed professionally, will help save time and allow students to learn more effectively.
  • Take part in the discussion: Students can minimize their note-taking during class and actively participate in classroom discussions. They can even use this time to take photos or videos of slides or whiteboard content so they can refer back later on when reviewing for an exam or writing a paper on the subject matter
  • Save energy: Attending several classes and taking down notes can be tiresome and energy consuming. By recording and transcribing lectures, students can save their energy for other productive activities like listening and participating in debates, discussions, quizzes and so on.
  • Ensures comprehensive details: Students often find it difficult to take down lecture notes, and the chance of missing out on key points is also high. But by recording and transcribing lectures, all crucial points will be included in your notes. Writing down the important points of your lectures will help you practice for tests and exams, and complete other assignments.
  • Be a dependable classmate: Transcribing academic lectures gives the students access to all accurate notes without missing any details. These notes can be distributed among students who didn’t get to note down everything important the professor said.
  • Include your classmates’ input: Sometime your classmates may contribute more to the classroom lectures but it is often ignored and more emphasis is given to what the professor says. The valuable points contributed by your classmates can also be included when recording and transcribing the entire lecture.
  • Correct your notes: Sometimes there may be some errors in the notes, and in such cases, the students can go back to the recording and listen again to correct the notes.
  • Review and improve performance: To achieve a top position in the class, accurate lecture notes are vital. Once you get all the notes, they have to be organized carefully so that you can review each point. Students can review the notes and work to improve their performance.

It may not be easy for a student to give his or her full attention to the class. Recording the lectures and transcribing them with the help of general transcription companies allows students to concentrate better on their studies, instead of wasting their time taking down notes. It also gives students more time to do any required research, organize the information that they have gathered, and understand the topic better.

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

Marketing is always a crucial part of every business and with time, it has evolved and changed its mode from print media to digital media. However, even after so much transformation, it still requires effort and attention. Content generation for marketing is not easy on a daily basis. This is where repurposing of content becomes useful. Any audio or video content that you have already generated can be repurposed in different ways. Repurposing a transcript is a great way to recycle your existing content, as well as a time-saving strategy to create fresh content. With the help of a general transcription service., you can repurpose any audio or video content to create new articles, blogs, eBooks and so on.

The following are some ways in which you can repurpose transcription for marketing.

  • Transcripts can be repurposed for making outlines for your blog posts: When it comes to content marketing, you have to be smart about how you use your time and resources. You have to make the most of your existing work, which can include repurposing content. You can use transcripts to create blog posts for your business. Transcripts can form the outlines of blog posts, which you can develop to drive organic traffic to your website, attract social media shares, and generate new leads. Transcripts act as a roadmap to get down your thoughts and create new and fresh content.

Here’s an example noted in podReacher

A news article published in Vox, “Substack wants to pay you to write about local news”, is created from an interview for the Recode Media podcast.

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities


  • Transcripts can act as lead magnets: Transcripts can be repurposed as lead magnets. You can use transcription services to format your transcripts into valuable lead magnets such as eBooks, reports, or whitepapers. The lead magnets can be shared along with your audio or video content, or used independently to get new leads. Lead magnet content should resonate with the requirements of your audience. Improve the perceived value of the lead magnet by formatting it nicely and also include a well-designed cover page to improve your lead conversion rate.
  • Share your content on many other platforms: Transcripts can be formatted and repurposed into different digital assets that can be shared on various platforms. You can extract valuable information from the transcripts to create a presentation or video which can be distributed on different platforms to your followers. Content distribution is an excellent method of popularizing your brand and creating brand awareness at a minimal cost.
  • Use transcripts for email and social media marketing:

You can repurpose your content to make excerpts or insightful clips, and create graphics that can be shared on social media channels. Here’s an example:

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

4 Ways to Repurpose Your Transcripts to Boost Marketing Activities

This helps to drive traffic to your website, enhance brand image, educate your audience, generate leads, and improve sales.

How to Create a Transcript

You can create a transcript using any of the three methods listed below:

  • Type it out yourself: The first method is a simple way of transcribing any of your audio or video recordings into text format all by yourself. This could be very time-consuming and error-prone. Listen to the audio or video on your computer and type into any word processing program as you go. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can use the built-in dictation feature to speak your words instead of typing them.
  • Use AI-assisted transcription software: AI-assisted transcription software lets you get transcripts in just a few minutes. This method is quick and easy but does not ensure a good accuracy rate. Automated transcription software has certain limitations, such as difficulty in transcribing words that are spoken quickly, and when there is loud background noise it may not be able to clearly understand the content spoken.
  • Outsource to a transcription service provider: The best and easiest way to get accurate transcripts is by outsourcing to a reliable business transcription company. They have professionals who can transcribe your recordings into error-free transcripts quickly and at reasonable pricing.

Transcripts are the most frequently used data for repurposing content. It also makes your content more accessible to audiences, especially those who find it difficult to hear clearly or understand the language used in the video or audio. The transcripts created by digital transcription agencies can be repurposed for podcasts, eBooks, email newsletters, and even blog posts.

Zoom Offers AI-powered Call Transcription for Businesses

Zoom Offers AI-powered Call Transcription for Businesses


Business meetings are essential in any business organization where many critical decisions are made that have an impact on the growth of the company. The agenda of a meeting could be project execution, or financial planning; or some important strategies and news may be discussed in the meeting. Typically, business meetings are transcribed with the support of general transcription services and the transcripts are maintained as a record, and for future reference.

Importance of Transcribing Business Meetings

Meeting minutes and notes are made by an assigned staff member but sometimes there are chances of missing out some significant points. The best alternative is to make an audio recording of the meeting and have it accurately transcribed by professional transcriptionists. This ensures that all that happened during the meeting are precisely documented. The text version of a recorded meeting contains each and every point discussed in the meeting. These transcripts can be distributed among the employees and to those who were not able to attend the meeting.

Zoom Meetings During COVID 19

With the outbreak of COVID 19, many companies have shifted to work from home policy. Many businesses are now using Zoom meetings to conduct their business conferences. Zoom is an easy tool that allows you to conduct video conferencing and messaging across any device. Businesses can conduct brainstorming sessions, review meetings, interviews, and also plan and delegate tasks. Zoom also provides the ability to record the video of your meeting and thus eliminates the burden of note-taking during the meeting. You can schedule a meeting on Outlook, Gmail, or iCal and set reminders for it. This app can be used on desktop as well as mobile phones to connect with other people.

Dubber Provides AI-powered Call Transcription and Analysis to Zoom

An Australian voice AI developer’s Unified Call Recording will be integrated into Zoom to automatically record and process the audio of the call, giving the popular communications company an array of new tools to attract enterprise clients after a year of massively increased use.
Zoom Dubber is a software tool within the Zoom App Marketplace that helps to transcribe any call over Zoom for both audio and video recordings. AI can not only transcribe but also detect emotional tones and sentiments within the text. This feature was developed especially for enterprises and government organizations that require collecting and delving into their communications.

According to Dubber CEO Steve McGovern, Unified Call Recording with Zoom reflects the way employees work today from anywhere, and across many devices and solutions. Many use Zoom to conduct business meetings, and the ability to capture recordings from Zoom and manage them centrally in the Voice Intelligence Cloud demonstrates the true value of Unified Call Recording.

Recording, transcribing, and analyzing calls have gained popularity over the past few years. These tools are unlikely to disappear any time soon because these can be used even after the businesses reopen. Dubber collects the recordings, companies can then improve the content with AI transcription, sentiment information, real-time-search, and other features.

Due to the advancement in automated voice-to-speech technology, many believe that machines will replace human transcribers. Although AI-generated transcription is much quicker and saves time, it is prone to error. The human ear can detect a series of external factors and they are more adept at filtering out background noise. But AI transcripts are likely to misunderstand, omit, or completely skip words.

According to an article published by Electronic Specifier, a study was conducted in 2018 that found Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to have problems with accuracy when identifying different accents irrespective of how fluent the speaker’s English might be – accuracy dropped by 2.6% with speakers with a Chinese accent and by as much as 4.2% for Spanish accents. So, this shows that AI-generated transcripts are not accurate and this is a major disadvantage compared to human transcriptionists who can assure accuracy of 99 to 100 percent.

Business meetings and seminars contain highly refined thoughts and educative materials which need to be documented and captured carefully using business transcription. Important talks and discussions are common for any business setup and these talks can be recorded and transcribed into well-structured text and maintained for future reference. Many crucial decisions are taken during a meeting and to keep a tab on all important decisions taken in the meeting, consider hiring a general transcription service, to record the meeting and transcribe it into accurate notes.

Best Practices to Manage Your Remote Employees More Efficiently

Best Practices to Manage Your Remote Employees More Efficiently

An update to the blog “Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce Effectively

Remote work is the future of work” – Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Reddit

Unlike onsite employment, many businesses are now encouraging remote work as talent matters. Flexible commuting policies of such companies also help employees achieve that elusive work-life balance, while businesses can meet the changing demands of the workforce along with increased productivity. According to the 2018 Global State of Remote Work by Owl Labs, 56% of companies allow remote work and employees who work remotely at least once per month were 24% more likely to feel happy and productive in their jobs than their desk-bound colleagues. Even digital transcription agencies are encouraging remote workers as part of improving timeliness and efficiency.

Communication Tools

Remote work provides many benefits for employees as well as employers. Industries providing remote work include computer/IT, medical/health, sales, education / training and customer services. A recent Forbes article highlights top companies that offer the highest number of remote jobs and the list includes Amazon, Abbott, Cisco, UnitedHealth Group, Toyota, and American Express among others. Though offering remote opportunities is an attractive way to gain productive workers, managing a remote team working in different time zones is not that easy as managing your in-house team.

Here are some best practices you can consider to manage your remote team.

Improve culture of transparency

In a remote work atmosphere, transparency is critical for both employers and employees. Being an employer, you have the responsibility to clearly discuss the assigned task and your expectations on their work performance. At the same time, workers should be transparent about the work they can do and the time it takes to complete those tasks. Discuss your projects with them and consider their opinion too, which would make them involved.

Ensure remote employees connect their goals to yours

The first thing is to trust your team, but check. At the same time, consider their learning and life goals and try connecting those interests to the goals of the company. Engagement and performance stay much higher. Let them know that you are not only checking their work progress, but are also supportive of their success by helping them achieve their goals. For instance, if your employee is interested in web design other than the development tasks they are doing, why not give them a chance to show their skills and provide feedback on what was done. Phone calls, chat, as well as videos help to invest in a better relationship with your team.

Schedule regular meetings

Regular virtual team meetings are important to help such workers stay connected with their teams. Such meetings build strong relationships among team members and serve as a great platform for recognizing each worker’s accomplishments. If your employees are at a different time zone, choose a time convenient for each member at least once a week. General transcription services are available to document such meeting recordings in any digital format for future reference.

Maintain a proper work structure

Have a clear idea regarding what every employee, inside as well as outside the office is working on. To handle remote work better, create procedures and implement project management systems, set rules and share them with everyone on the team. Choose the right communication method based on requirements. Email can be chosen for work that is not that urgent, while a round-the-clock chat room helps to get urgent projects done.

Video conferencing helps

With video conferences, even employees in different countries can feel like they’re in the same room. Unlike reading messages or talking over the phone, seeing colleagues and employers via video can make them get close to the team and thus build a personal bond. This also helps remote workers stay engaged. Implementing certain video chat policies will help prevent employees from multitasking during conferences. Video transcription services can help retain the details discussed in such conferences for future reference.

Provide feedback at regular intervals

Managers must make sure to evaluate all work done and provide feedback during meetings or video calls. Genuine feedback helps remote employees grow, just like those employees in the office. Their growth and improved performance will lead to the company’s growth as well. When judging their work, don’t forget to give them recognition that is due. Positive recognition can help improve your team’s performance and they will try to learn from each other.

Use advanced technology to stay connected

Better communication is necessary to build a fully engaged remote workforce. Use innovative tools to create a community and develop a corporate culture. Employers can invest in training platforms, screen sharing tools, communication tools and project management systems to ease the workload of teams. Such tools can ensure better team connections and thus quality work.

By allowing employees to work remotely, businesses can get access to a wider pool of talents anywhere in the world. Following such key practices create excellent opportunities for engaging with remote employees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing Your Thesis on Your Own

Advantages and Disadvantages of Writing Your Thesis on Your Own

Academic research is very strenuous and involves a lot of writing as well as recording of interviews, lectures and other audio resources. These recordings and lectures can be transcribed into accurate transcripts with the help of reliable general transcription services. It saves substantial amount of time and allows the researchers to work on qualitative research. Academic research needs to be systematic and requires data from different sources to be neatly organized, transcribed and documented.

Writing a thesis is not an easy task. It requires good writing skills, proper research, statistics, and analytical skills to derive insights and also prepare a good presentation. This may seem intimidating but being more organized can help in making the writing process easy. Sometimes your thesis may be your individual work and sometimes you will have an assigned partner or group to help you complete your thesis.


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of writing your thesis on your own.


  • You know your topic: Since you are the only one working on the paper you will know your topic inside out and once you are finished with your paper you can recite the entire paper fluently.
  • Defend your thesis consistently: After your thesis is ready, you have to defend your topic in front of the experts. These experts may ask several questions and also reverse and loop the terms and ask them back to you to know how well you know the paper. If you have drafted the thesis, then you will know the topic very well and can answer any tough questions about the terms, concepts and content of the paper.
  • No one will contest your ideas: When you are writing your thesis, you can change the content at any time. If you are in a group, there may be situations when what you have added may contradict the statements of your partner or group member. Such clash of ideas can lead to disagreement or grudge and thereby to a poorly written thesis. However, if you are writing your thesis on your own, there is no such risk and you are the only one accountable for any mistakes.
  • You are your own boss: The way you want to write the thesis is entirely up to you. You can be your own boss and tailor your thesis according to your wish. Moreover, you need not wait for anyone else to finish your paper.
  • The expectations are lower: As you are alone, the expectations of your respected panellists will not be that high since there are certain limitations that they are willing to acknowledge. If you are working alone you will have fewer objectives and output when compared to those who do in groups. Bu doing it all by yourself will help you focus better.


  • You have to know all the details: You have to memorize all the pages of your thesis, go through each page, review the content and practice a lot to defend effectively.
  • You can get exhausted and be out of focus: Writing the entire thesis can be exhausting. It can also lead to grammatical errors. When you are tired, you may not be able to perform well which results in poor thesis writing.
  • You can blame only yourself: If your thesis is good or bad, you can blame it only on yourself and there will be no one to pick up the pace when you fall behind.
  • Ideas may stagnate: As there is no one to bounce your ideas back to or give relevant insight or observation, your ideas can end up stagnating since no one will be there to challenge it. This could result in you becoming close-minded towards ideas that could help improve your paper. You could also repeat mistakes in the absence of an external feedback to point out such mistakes.
  • Being complacent can be dangerous: Lower expectations can lead you to become complacent and you tend to work less as people do not expect much. This is a dangerous mindset because it may cause you to procrastinate or, worse, give mediocre outputs. Understand that the thesis is the cornerstone of your academic career. In the future, students may refer to your work, so you are obligated give your best.

    Young scholars usually struggle between experimental work and writing thesis. An alternative available is to hire a professional to help with your thesis writing. Thesis transcription services available for independent research projects enable you to speed up compiling data and preparing the thesis.

Why Companies Should Have an “Innovation Thesis”

Why Companies Should Have an “Innovation Thesis”

With the economy becoming more and more competitive each day, having excellent knowledge about the market conditions and buying behaviour of the customer is essential for any business. For this, market research is essential and any data contained in audio files can be transcribed with the support of reliable general transcription companies. Market research helps business organizations to keep up with the latest market trends and gain a competitive advantage. It helps companies to analyze new areas of expansion, identify new business opportunities, find out problem areas, formulate market strategies, identify consumer needs, and improve selling activities. Market research also helps companies develop an innovation theory and introduce necessary innovations from time to time.


Tendayi Viki in his forbes.com article elaborates on what innovation thesis is and how it is important to a business. While pointing out that leaders have to make choices and take good decisions, he says many leaders he has met appear to be making random unconnected decisions. Leaders don’t seem to have a clear innovation strategy to help guide their decision making. Every company needs an innovation thesis to know where the world is going and how the company should be innovative to respond effectively. This is where an innovation thesis is important and to develop one, Tendayi Viki says businesses must perform the following:

  • Analysis of Portfolio: When beginning the journey of innovation, the first and foremost thing is to know where your company stands before you decide which way to go. Companies must review their current portfolio of products and services and find out the balance in their portfolio in terms of core, adjacent and transformational innovations. Identify the products and services that are falling behind and need to be retired, the gaps in the portfolio in terms of their core business versus future-facing products.
  • Consider the business environment: Once you have examined your company internally, the next step is to look at the world outside and understand the current key trends that are emerging which are likely to impact the company in the future, the landscape of start-ups challenging your business, the key changes in customers’ taste and preferences, and the latest technology. Looking into the future is difficult but by paying attention you can notice the technologies and other trends that may impact the business in the future.

Once the analysis is complete, it is easier to develop an innovation thesis where the business can sort out ideas they think will work, how those ideas can be used to respond and so on. It is difficult to predict what the future holds, but innovation must be developed and viewed as a hypothesis that will evolve over time. With an innovation thesis, companies can start soliciting ideas from the team. The new ideas can be evaluated and then used to make investment decisions. It is not about making many investments but making the right investment.

How can you encourage innovation in your business?

Employees in an organization are a major source in generating innovative ideas. In addition, business partners, contacts and suppliers can also provide valuable contributions to developing innovative strategies and offer support and encouragement. To maximize these resources, ensure that an innovative environment is created and encourage creative thinking. You can promote innovation in the following ways.

  • Make sure that you create an atmosphere wherein people feel free to voice their ideas without fearing criticism or ridicule.
  • Have in place processes and events that help capture innovative ideas. You could consider keeping suggestion boxes around the work place, organize workshops or even arrange for days away from the workplace to brainstorm ideas.
  • Encourage frankness among the team members and make sure that all good ideas and knowledge are shared among them.
  • Persuade people at all levels of the business to share the responsibility to introduce innovation. This will breed a sense of involvement in the team members who will feel that their ideas also matter.
  • Encourage experimentation and risk taking and make sure you don’t punish people who experiment with new ideas that may sometimes fail.
  • Give incentives to staff who are innovative and celebrate their success. This will encourage your staff to think creatively.
  • Recruit employees who are imaginative and creative. It is important to understand that innovative thinkers may not always be those with an impressive list of credentials.

Innovation thesis and implementing innovation should be a strategic lever for change and it should be at the center of every organization. Innovation may take a lot of time in planning and also involve investment in the required resources. In order to lead innovation, the company should have clarity in how they are planning to use innovation. Research is vital to study the market and competition and the data collected via interviews with customers, opinion polls, focus group sessions, and consumer forums can be transcribed and maintained for easy access and use with the support of professional digital transcription agencies.