How to Capture Good Quality Audio for Transcription

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Audio TranscriptionBusiness transcription services include the transcription of audio recordings of meetings and seminars. Smartphones have invaded business offices with employees using these devices for literally every task whether checking mail, researching information or making work related calls. In some offices, smartphones are being used to make audio recordings during meetings where considerable business information gets shared within a short span of time. Employees can record information and convert it to text for later reference. However, businesses should take care that the recordings made by their employees do not put them in any difficult situation. It is important to safeguard the privacy of the employees and customers when allowing employees to use their mobile devices. This can be achieved by hiring reliable and confidential services provided by general transcription companies. With this service you will have a text-based version of everything discussed and these transcripts are more effective than minutes because they are not mere summaries.

What if you want to do the recordings on your own? High quality audio recording is very essential for effective audio transcription. Keeping documented text formats of audio and video files is very important. By transcribing audio files into written text, it becomes easier to comprehend what was said in the audio file. It also becomes easier for future reference.  In order to get high quality audio recordings, the following measures are essential.

  • Use of Good Recording Device: One of the important elements required for a high quality recording is the use of a good recording device. Using a smartphone is a good option. Smartphones have excellent microphones and they have in-built recording apps that can capture every word spoken.
  • Avoid Noisy Background: Before starting the recording, ensure that you choose a calm and quiet place for recording. Recording in a quiet room helps in capturing the voice clearly. If you are unable to find a quiet place, request the speaker to speak slowly and clearly. With the help of advanced software the background noise can be cleared effectively.
  • Utilize External Speaker: Using external speakers of the laptop is a better option as it can reproduce better sound quality and thereby provide better sound recording. Make sure that you keep your recorder close to the speaker and that it also has an external microphone.
  • Trial Recording: Before recording, it is important to familiarize yourself with the recording device. A trial recording is also advisable so as to know the overall quality and speech level.

Advantages of Using Audio Transcription Services

Outsourcing audio transcription services has become popular with more businesses realizing the benefits of outsourcing. Following are some of the advantages:

  • Transcription requires specialized skills and by outsourcing to reliable service providers that have  proficient manpower, organizations can be assured of excellent quality transcripts
  • By outsourcing, organizations can focus more on the core activities in the organization
  • It helps in eliminating the need for recruiting  a team of workers to carry out transcription activities and thus saves time and resources
  • Organizations that outsource have additional manpower and resources available that can be diverted to other activities.

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