What are Legal Transcription Services?

Legal transcription refers to the process of transcribing any type of legal proceeding from the spoken word (audio or video files) into text format. Legal transcription services are utilized mainly by law firms, paralegals, court reporters, attorneys and other legal professionals.

With good quality transcripts, legal professionals can easily find the information they need and use it effectively.

Services can include transcription of the following.

  • Depositions
  • Testimonies
  • Pleadings
  • Subpoenas and Summons
  • Official court hearings
  • Interrogations
  • Sworn statements
  • Client letters
  • Licensing Appeals
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Legal briefs
  • Wiretaps and phone calls
  • Meetings
  • Wills/trust documents
  • Surveillance/investigation reports
  • Conferences
  • Memorandums
  • Attorney dictation
  • General legal correspondence and more

Transcription can be done from audio recordings–physical tapes, digital files or videos. By outsourcing such transcription tasks to an experienced legal transcription company, legal entities can save valuable time and focus on their core tasks. Reliable companies will ensure that the output is delivered within the required turnaround time, that too at competitive prices. Make sure that the company provides the services of legal transcriptionists knowledgeable in complex legal terminology and experienced enough to provide accurate transcripts.

Academic Essay Writing Tips

Academic Essay Writing Tips

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, MOS Legal Transcription Service is an experienced solutions provider offering high quality, audio/video transcription services for businesses – corporate, medical, real estate, education, research, IT, and media among others.

In today’s podcast, Julie Clements, Chief Solutions Officer at Managed Outsource Solutions provides some valuable tips for students to improve their academic essay writing skills. She also discusses the benefits students can gain from the academic transcription service offered by a reliable provider.

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Hi there, this is Julie Clements again. I’m a Chief Solutions Officer here at Managed Outsource Solutions. Today, I wanted to talk to you about some quick tips to write a good academic essay. Who doesn’t love a good academic essay? It’s really important when you’re writing this report that you consider an academic transcription service that can also help you transcribe your audio recording research. Typically, the academic essay is an assignment students are asked to write in their university, and nowadays many students do utilize an academic transcription service to help them transcribe the lectures and interviews that they may have recorded. The essay is a clear indicator of how well the student has understood the basic course material and how much research they have done on the topic. It also shows the analytical skills of the student in selecting and commenting on the research material.

Thus, a good dissertation not only contains a compilation of research findings and notes, but also includes scholastic inputs by the author. The university rewards those dissertation theses that present a well-analyzed description of the topic. Essay writing skills will prove to be helpful if the student plans to go into an academic career or other fields where analytical or influential writing is involved. Given the importance of the academic essay, there are some tips students can follow to write a good essay.

The first one I like to talk about is just to make sure to pay attention to the structure of the essay. For easy reading and understanding, the essay must be divided into these parts – Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. Introduction is where you introduce the topic to a reader. Every essay has an introductory paragraph and this paragraph should not be more that 4 – 5 lines, and should include the thesis statement. A thesis statement is a one- or two- line summary of the argument you make in the essay. It shows the reader what to expect from the essay.

The Main Body consists of most impactful and extensive paragraphs that are split up into sub-paragraphs that reveal your arguments that favor or oppose the thesis statement. The body of the essay is the main component of your essay, and a good one is composed of an ample number of paragraphs.

The last part of the essay is the Conclusion which should be short and simple, like “short and sweet” as we all like to say. It should also include a small gist of all the points from your Main Body.

Also ensure that all your sub-sections are well-structured. Start every paragraph with an argument or a statement that you are about to discuss. Explain your statement to establish that it’s true. Provide appropriate and confirmed evidence that would make a reader believe and agree to your points. And the verified evidence can be a real-life example, a quote, or well, like some well-known fact that everybody would know. Ensure that the paragraph contributes to the main point of your essay, and assures the reader that it is really meaningful.

Also prepare an outline of your essay. Most of the students might be a little too lazy to do this, but it is best to write an outline for each essay. even if it is a small one. Writing an outline doesn’t take more than 10 – 15 minutes. But it can make a huge difference on how you write your essay. It will help you not to forget the points and examples, and will kind of help guide you through the process of everything.

Please, I cannot stress enough that you make sure to edit and proofread. Once your final draft is ready, it should be edited and proofread so that there are no errors. Please set aside the essay for a day or more if you have the time, come back to it with a fresh mind and it will help you to spot any mistakes. Proofreading and editing is essential as it is important to ensure that your essay is well-written. Just like when you send a text to your friend, and you send it and you forgot to look at it, and you know, auto-correct totally changed what you said. It’s always good to reread before you send it.

And a big thing is practice. Keep practicing by writing more and more structured essays. After writing a number of essays, you will find it easier to write a structured essay in the correct way.

When writing your academic essay, make sure you study the topic carefully. Gather all of the information you need by doing research and reading. Make sure to note down all, each and every source that you use so you can give credit to them in your essay. Students should consider using or can consider using an audio transcription service to obtain transcripts of the research material they may have recorded. A professional academic transcription service understands the value of a good thesis and would provide customized transcription support.

If you have any further questions or want to learn more about this, you can go to our website – www.managedoutsource.com.

Thank you so much!

Cost-effective, Timely Transcription Support for Growing Law Firm

Cost-effective, Timely Transcription Support for Growing Law Firm


LTS (MOS Legal Transcription Service), a Managed Outsource Solutions company, provides legal transcription solutions for law firms, attorneys, courts and companies. We were approached by the Troy L. Bowlin Law Office which handles cases related family law, personal injury, criminal defense, business law, civil rights litigation, and other areas for Hamblen County, Tennessee residents and the surrounding areas. With their excellent track record of handling such cases successfully, the firm has a highly satisfied clientele.
Law Firm

The Challenge

The client wanted reliable assistance for his legal transcription responsibilities as he was new to the job. He requested a trial and was very impressed with our services and turnaround time. Since he was in the process of developing his practice, he urgently needed efficient support for transcription.

The Solution

We are glad to say that we were able to meet this client’s expectations. We assigned him a team that could work as per his requirements. We were also able to offer a small discount on the per line rate. We felt that such support was crucial since the client was in the process of setting up and developing his practice. He was very appreciative of our small gesture.

The Result

The legal practice required our assistance for only three months. We were able to provide the required services in the specified turnaround time of 24 hours. Our support significantly helped the client, allowing him to concentrate on establishing his practice. He appreciated our support and was particularly impressed by our quality and cost-effectiveness.

The client finally got his practice running, but as the pace was a little slow, he found that there wasn’t much work to outsource to us. That’s when he began to handle the transcription task on his own.

Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Ways to Motivate Your Employees

A Tulsa, Oklahoma based legal transcription service provider; MOS Legal Transcription Service is experienced in providing support in the form of reliable transcripts for legal clients, students, media personnel, and the business community. We are backed by a dedicated team of professionals, committed to providing focused, customized solutions catering to each business niche.

In today’s podcast, Julie Clements, the Chief Solutions Manager at Managed Outsource Solutions provides some key tips for businesses to motivate their employees and thus improve productivity.

Listen now!

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Hi there, this is Julie Clements. I’m the Chief Solutions Manager here at Managed Outsource Solutions. I wanted to talk to you today about some effective ways to help motivate your employees. I have got a quick list of about 10.

One important thing is about building trust and it’s important that employees know they can be trusted to do their best possible job and to praise their work when they do succeed. People are inspired when they know that their leaders believe in their capabilities to deliver and a healthy work culture is also one that promotes trust and caring among the staff and management. Cultivating a workplace where people trust each other can offer immense benefits in terms of productivity and performance. According to a 2016 Towers Watson study, the ability to trust in senior leadership is one of the top drivers of employee retention.

So make sure you set realistic, SMART goals. SMART as in Specific, Measurable, Aggressive, Realistic and Time-bound. Set those SMART goals to motivate employees and build connection to their work and their coworkers, and to the organization’s missions. Goals help employees find meaning and purpose. According to Gallup, managers should have conversations with employees about their team’s goals as well as individual goals and how to achieve them. Three tips to set goals to motivate employees is – involving employees from start to finish – it helps them to feel valued, link individual goals to business objectives, and adapt goals in real-time.

Also building personal rapport with your employees is very important and as a leader, you need to spend time with your employees and get to know them. The best leaders understand and care about their staff – their behavior, aptitudes, and tendencies. This is important to understand what motivates them as not all employees will value the same thing. Employees are motivated when the management takes the time to know them and shows that they have their best interests at heart.

Building a challenging work environment is also very important. Every company, whether you are new, you’ve been there for a while, and have challenges and they need those challenges to grow and high performers thrive in a challenging environment. The market is dynamic and companies must continuously strive to improve their products or services or current results. Without challenges, employees can become bored and start looking for another job or will be not focused. Building a positive, challenging work environment is necessary to motivate and retain your best employees. Another thing that is good is to use meetings to help build motivation. Meetings can be used to motivate and inspire your employees. Discussing and setting goals at a meeting can motivate employees to work towards achieving them. There was an article we found, a bizfluent article that points out that meetings offer the opportunity to remind employees of the company’s past achievements. This can also help motivate them to do their best and to achieve current goals and possibly even exceed them. They are also a good platform meetings to read out customer testimonials, announce an incentive and share a success story, all of which can help excite employees and encourage them to give their best.

Another thing is to make them feel valued. I mean they should be valued. To build motivation, companies need to take deliberate steps to make their employees feel valued. The hard work they do should be openly recognized and success should be celebrated. Explain how their contributions add value, help the company solve problems, and move forward. A recent article we found, a BQ article, cites research from McKinsey which suggested that, in a corporate setting, non-financial rewards can have a greater effect than financial rewards. Small gestures in the form of surprise gifts can also make staff feel valued and appreciated and in return will help them work harder.

Provide the right tools and support: People who don’t believe they have the resources needed to achieve their goals tend to quickly get frustrated. So provide your staff with the materials they need, equipment and training to help them carry out their roles and responsibilities as well as to innovate their work.

Also encouraging employees to take the lead is important. Making them feel valued is about letting them take the lead. Recognize individual strengths and let each one share their opinions at meetings because that is all important. Give them responsibility and allow them to make important decisions – this will motivate them to work towards making things happen. Respect, praise and appreciate their efforts. This is also a great way to build good leaders.

Another important thing is always be transparent. Difficult as it may seem, it is important for leaders to be transparent about the company’s current situation as well as future growth plans. Transparency builds trust, fosters collaboration at work, and enhances employee empowerment. When employees feel included in important decisions, they are likely to be committed to work towards the company’s goals.

So, if you want to learn more about this topic, it is always a good one to go over and read through over and over again, please visit our website at www.managedoutsource.com.

Thank You so much!

Legal Transcription Pertaining to Personal Injury

Legal Transcription Pertaining to Personal Injury


We had a prospective client and we had been communicating with him for quite some time. We communicated with him through text messages because he preferred this mode of communication over emails. After two months of text message communication, we talked to him on the phone. Later, we spoke for an hour after hours on a Friday evening to do business. The client’s requirement was legal transcription pertaining to personal injury.
Personal Injury


We guided the client as to how he could use his recorder to save dictations for personal injury torts. This is an additional service which we did for the client. We do not usually provide this service. MOS Legal Transcription Service does recommend recorders but do not sell them. We performed the transcription using advanced transcription technology and document flow management software. We passed the transcripts through 3 quality assurance steps to ensure high accuracy standards. File transfer was done in a secure manner to avoid privacy breaches.


The client was very pleased with our legal transcripts. He has been our client for six months now and continues to be so.