Judgments Transcription

Judgments deal with the presentation of evidence and its interpretation. It is an explanation that the court gives at the conclusion of a hearing, explaining why an order is being made. If you need assistance in preparing transcripts of court hearings or judgments, then MOS Legal Transcription Service can help.

Customized Services

We provide expert judgments transcription services customized to suit individual client needs. The work involves transcribing the whole of the recorded judgment that you provide us with, which includes the general outline of the case, the logic by which the court’s decision was arrived at and the decision of the court. We transcribe:

  • Oral rulings
  • Proceedings
  • Legal arguments
  • Evidence of a particular witness

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Transcription of Judgments

- Our Process
  • Dictation - Dictation can be done using any of these options - digital recorders, conference call recording system, cell phone or toll free number
  • Transcription - Our highly skilled transcriptionists accurately transcribe recordings of judgments
  • Quality checking - The transcribed documents are proofread and edited by our quality assurance team. We have in place a 3-tier quality checking system
  • Delivery of transcribed reports - Once the transcription process is complete, we will send the final transcripts in the format of your choice by browser-based drop box, secure FTP or other software systems

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