Documentary Interview Transcription

Documentary interview transcription involves the transcription of interviews appearing in documentaries. This includes transcription of reality show footage and news footage. Transcription of easy one-on-one interviews of popular figures, which then assume the shape of a chronicle of the person's life along with archival matter showcasing his work or life, can also figure in this type of transcription service. When the interviews are transcribed into a text format, they become more user-friendly and convenient. As a leading business process outsourcing company, MOS Legal Transcription Service offers comprehensive documentary interview transcription services.

Solutions as Per Your Requirements

We keep ourselves aware of the latest happenings in the documentary production scenario to keep our solutions in tune with the times.

  • We provide services for a wide range of clients - production houses, media agencies, educational institutions, research companies, post production studios, individuals including researchers and others.
  • We can transcribe interviews that are of inferior sound quality, and has other issues such as background noise, regional accents, or where the interview has been done on the move.
  • We provide documentary transcripts for all audio and video content.
  • We deliver cost-effective, secure documentary interview transcripts for: production interviews, educational, research documentaries, unstructured footage, multi-person interviews, transcripts of a fully edited show, on-the-fly interviews, outdoor interviews, delivery scripts.

Whatever your transcription needs may be, contact us and find out how we can be of assistance.

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Additional services include:

Our Documentary Transcription Service Highlights

  • Stringent quality assurance protocols
  • Customized turnaround time
  • Complete document flow management
  • Electronic signatures
  • Competitive pricing with 30 to 40% cost savings
  • No long term yearly contracts

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