Case Study: Legal Transcription Pertaining to Personal Injury


We had a prospective client and we had been communicating with him for quite some time. We communicated with him through text messages because he preferred this mode of communication over emails. After two months of text message communication, we talked to him on the phone. Later, we spoke for an hour after hours on a Friday evening to do business. The client’s requirement was legal transcription pertaining to personal injury.


We guided the client as to how he could use his recorder to save dictations for personal injury torts. This is an additional service which we did for the client. We do not usually provide this service. MOS Legal Transcription Service does recommend recorders but do not sell them. We performed the transcription using advanced transcription technology and document flow management software. We passed the transcripts through 3 quality assurance steps to ensure high accuracy standards. File transfer was done in a secure manner to avoid privacy breaches.


The client was very pleased with our legal transcripts. He has been our client for six months now and continues to be so.

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